We are proud to announce the publication of our latest research article titled “A global survey of health care workers’ awareness of non‐alcoholic fatty liver disease: The AwareNASH survey.” This article summarizes the findings of the AwareNASH survey, a project that was initiated and driven by Julius Clinical and our valued partner Leiden University Medical Center.

In collaboration with a multidisciplinary scientific committee, we designed a comprehensive survey to explore the knowledge, practices, and attitudes of healthcare workers toward the diagnosis and management of NAFLD/NASH. The survey was distributed to healthcare professionals from various disciplines across 88 countries, involving 613 respondents, including 488 physicians.

Our findings reveal a significant knowledge gap, with 64% of surveyed physicians underestimating the prevalence of NAFLD. Notably, general practitioners and cardiologists demonstrated the highest underestimation rates at 74% and 77%, respectively. Cardiologists, in particular, were least familiar with symptoms, diagnostic criteria, and management strategies. This study underscores the need for increased awareness and education surrounding NAFLD and NASH, especially among healthcare professionals treating patients with cardiometabolic comorbidities. We believe that by bridging this knowledge gap, we can enhance patient care and outcomes.

We would like to thank all the healthcare workers who participated in the survey. For more insights and details, Read the full article here