NASH is an acronym that stands for Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis. It is the most severe form of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), and is characterized by the presence of an abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver which in some individuals can progress to liver cell injury (hepatocellular ballooning) and inflammation. As NASH evolves, over time it can result in excessive scarring in the liver (fibrosis), a natural response to injury which can lead to liver cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Nowadays NASH is the 2nd most common indication for liver transplantation in the USA. The ongoing obesity epidemic makes NASH a serious burden of disease. So, there is an urgent need for effective drugs.


Interdisciplinary collaboration is needed to combat NASH and consequently we have created NASH clinical network. The aim of this network is to share insights about this endemic disease, to collaboratively create easy-and-accurate diagnostic tools to identify these patients, and to conduct clinical trials to mitigate the potentially deleterious outcome of this disease.