On the 27th of June, we will organise the webinar: ‘Clinical Consequences of the New MASLD Nomenclature‘ with guest speaker Prof. Maja Thiele.

During this webinar, our speaker and hosts will dive into the following topics:

  • Is the MASLD nomeclature of prognostic relevance?
  • Do we need to re-validate all NILTs after the new nomenclature?
  • Considerations for “the new kid in town”: MetALD

Speakers, hosts, and audience

  • Speaker: Prof. Maja Thiele
  • Hosts: Prof. Manuel Castro Cabezas & Prof. Christophe Moreno
  • Audience: Clinicians, researchers, pharmaceutical industry workers, public health workers

Sign up for the free webinar here:
Clinical consequences of the New MASLD Nomenclature | Julius Clinical (livestorm.co)