On October 26, we presented the webinar: Operational Expertise in Action: Unleashing the Potential of Decentralized Clinical Trials

During this webinar, our speaker and co-hosts, dived into Decentralized Clinical Trials and discuss the case study: COVID-RED; a 17,000 person study testing AI’s ability to detect and alert users to COVID-19 infection in real-time.

Points that are discussed:

  • Logistical considerations for launching a Decentralized Clinical Trial
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials enables Flexibility/Adaptability in Evolving Pandemic Conditions
  • Participant engagement & compliance strategies
  • Data analysis & privacy concerns
  • Study Results/success of Decentralized Clinical Trial case study

Speaker: Brianna Mae Goodale, PhD

Co-Hosts: Jon Bouwman, MBA & David Ong MD, PhD, PharmD, & MSc


Watch the replay below:


For more information about COVID-RED, please visit: COVID-Red