It is our job to help Sponsors determine the safety and effectiveness of their vaccines, and we commit our full array of resources to the accomplishment of that goal in every study.

Through years of CRO and SMO experience in large-scale clinical trials, we have developed the systems, processes, and training mechanisms to provide innovative and efficient services from the design to completion of your vaccine clinical trial.

Meet our scientific leader for vaccine trials

Our leader for vaccines is Prof. dr. Louis Bont, paediatric infectious disease specialist at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. He is the leader of several groups, and an international principal investigator for many vaccine studies. He is involved in the Dutch RSV Neonatal Network, and ESPID Research Committee.

The Primary Care Research Network (PCRN) is our proprietary network of hundreds of general practitioners, pharmacists, and practice assistants who specialize in clinical drug research in a primary care setting. PCRN provides smart clinical trial design and oversight, industry-leading recruitment and retention, and peerless data quality and operational execution.

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We also founded Africa Clinical, another proprietary site network providing access to sub-Saharan African regions. This network provides rapid participant recruitment and high retention. Africa Clinical consists of 40 local investigators from 20 countries at over 100 sites.

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We established ReSViNET in 2014, and since 2018, ReSViNET has been a foundation — a financially and otherwise independent regulated entity. Julius Clinical works closely with ReSViNET to provide operational support to RSV clinical trials and observational studies. Our operational team has extensive experience in coordinating these studies, and ReSViNET has access to sites in countries across the globe, providing fast recruitment and high retention rates.

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Julius Clinical has deep expertise in a broad range of vaccine clinical trials — including maternal vaccines — and we can even serve as the main investigational site for your vaccine study.

An example of our infectious disease trial capabilities is a completed influenza vaccine study that has been conducted at UMC Utrecht. We enrolled 2,100 participants aged 60+ to test a higher dose of an existing flu vaccine in a healthy population.

Our expert vaccine clinical trials team

Our team of operational experts has conducted years of important research on a massive scale, including the largest vaccine study ever done, consisting of approximately 84,000 participants.

Leyla kragten
David ong
Jochem hogenhuis

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