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Infectious diseases have no borders. Neither do we. We are a global academic CRO devoted to helping clients test treatments that have the potential to make a real difference.

We have conducted some of the largest, most significant infectious diseases and vaccines (IDV) clinical trials on record. When you partner with us, you can be confident in getting the patient recruitment and retention numbers and high-quality data you need for your clinical trial.

Meet our scientific leaders for IDV clinical trials

Prof. dr. Louis Bont, specialisesd in infectious diseases and leads the RSV Research Group at the University Medical Centre Utrecht, the Netherlands. Prof. Bont is also chairman of the ReSViNET foundation and supervises RSV related studies, such as the RSV GOLD mortality study (funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation).

Highlighted trials

Our Scientific Networks


The Primary Care Research Network (PCRN) is a proprietary Julius Clinical network that includes hundreds of general practitioners, pharmacists, and other clinical research specialists in primary care settings.

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Africa Clinical is another of our proprietary networks. It allows access to sub-Saharan African regions and provides fast recruitment and high retention rates. The network consists 40 of local investigators from 20 countries at over 100 sites.

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In 2014, Julius Clinical founded ReSViNET, which has been an independent foundation since 2018. Our partnership with them allows us to provide our clients with exceptional operational support for RSV clinical trials and observational studies.

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84,496 Patients | 1 Country | 58 Sites

A multicentre, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel group project to establish the efficacy of a vaccine in preventing a first episode of vaccine serotype-specific pneumococcal community-acquired pneumonia.

Observational, The Netherlands


500 Patients | 1 Country

A low-interventional methodology study to assess the logistics of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) illness tracking among older adults.



40,000 Patients | 2 Countries | 6 Sites

Subjects aged 1 to 60 months that attend the hospital or emergency department due to a suspected lower respiratory tract infection, fever without source (FWS), or due to noninfectious disease.

Our expert IDV team

From COVID-19 to maternal vaccination studies, we deliver the data you need. We have the experience to predict challenges like global seasonality, and our expert clinical trial site management team ensures that devoted researchers skilfully execute your protocol.

Leyla kragten
David ong
Julika frome
Jochem hogenhuis

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Webinar: “RSV and Asthma”

On September 6, our partner ReSViNET presented the webinar: “RSV and Asthma”Prof Tina Hartert, MD, MPH shared her insights on RSV in relationship to asthma. Her study of almost two thousand children has identified that delay in early life ...

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Webinar: Progress in RSV Vaccines and Monoclonal Antibodies

On May 10, our partner ReSViNET presented the webinar: Progress in RSV Vaccines and Monoclonal AntibodiesIn this webinar, Professor Barney Graham, MD, PhD, shared his views on the lanscape of RSV therapeutics. The webinar was hosted by Prof. D...

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