Hearing Loss

Nearly half a billion people suffer from a disabling Hearing Loss. Julius Clinical runs high-quality ENT clinical trials to ensure new treatments are tested effectively.

We apply scientific excellence through our close working relationships with leading experts to execute groundbreaking hearing loss research. Our activities in this area are conducted under ENT Clinical, our bespoke CRO solely dedicated to hearing and balance research.

Meet our scientific leaders for Hearing Loss research

ENT Clinical is proud to work with Prof. dr. Anne Schilder, senior investigator at the Ear Institute at University College London (UCL) and leader of the NIHR UCLH Biomedical Research Centre’s translational hearing programme. Prof. Schilder serves as our chief scientific adviser and is an ENT surgeon and trialist with 25+ years of experience in ENT, hearing, and balance disorders.

Meet our scientific leaders for Hearing Loss research

Dr. Cris Lanting, an expert adviser for ENT Clinical, is a clinical physicist-audiologist and a paediatric audiologist at the Radboud University Medical Center (UMC), host of the largest cochlear implant centre in the Netherlands. Dr. Lanting focuses on the genetics of hearing loss and rehab, advanced phenotyping of (rare) genetic Hearing Loss, and hearing aids and implants.

ENT Clinical has the right combination of expertise and insights needed to conduct efficient hearing loss studies. To maximise our ENT trial capabilities, we have assembled a global network of strong and committed academic thought leaders, including ENT surgeons, oncologists, and respiratory physicians with an interest in ototoxicity. Through their involvement, ENT Clinical can help guide the design and execution of Hearing Loss trials and guarantee access to expert sites and adult and paediatric populations around the world.

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ENT Clinical’s extensive hearing loss expertise enables us to deliver superior service for your study. We have fine-tuned the advantages of our strengths in science, networks, and operations and can provide you with a tailor-made solution that suits your hearing loss study’s specific needs.

Here are some examples of our trials:

Observational study, Global


150 Patients | 6 Countries | 9 Sites

Observational study in Individuals with Otoferlin (OTOF)-Mediated Hearing Loss.

Phase I, European


42 Patients | 2 Countries | 2 Sites

Phase I trial to assess the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of a single intratympanic injection in healthy volunteers.

Postmarketing, European


45 Patients | 1 Country | 1 Site

Paediatric cochlear implant, Postmarketing study.

Our expert Hearing Loss research team

A strength of ENT Clinical is our operational team, which has developed expertise through years of running clinical trials.

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