Seizure disorders cause unpredictable and debilitating episodes due to abnormal brain activity. Our clinical research facility is committed to advancing treatment for these conditions through high-quality clinical trials, collaborating with top neurologists and extensive scientific networks to bring new hope to patients.

Epilepsy, a particularly challenging seizure disorder, has a premature death rate three times higher than average. We specialize in Epilepsy, conducting advanced trials to discover new treatments and improve patient outcomes.

Our scientific leader for Epilepsy

Julius Clinical works closely with world-class scientific experts across our therapeutic focus areas to provide industry- leading Epilepsy CRO services. Our scientific leader in Epilepsy trials is Prof. dr. Eugen Trinka, chair of the department of neurology at Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg and president-elect of the Austrian Society of Neurology.

Brain Clinical is Julius Clinical’s proprietary network for CNS clinical trials. This network includes highly experienced and devoted researchers who specialize in streamlined and rigorously executed clinical trials for Eplilepsy treatments.

Julius Clinical partners with the European Collaboration for Epilepsy Trials (ECET), a consortium of expert investigators who collaborate within the framework of the Epilepsy Alliance Europe. This partnership allows us to provide Sponsors with access to specialised epilepsy centres with investigators who are experienced in designing and conducting clinical Epilepsy studies.

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We have the experience and capability to conduct trials that require advanced tools for the measurement of brain functioning, including MRI/fMRI, PET, and EEG. Our partners at UMC Utrecht’s Epilepsy centre have published extensively in this area, and ECET brings world-class expertise on epilepsy trial design and execution. 

We currently have one Phase II Epilepsy trial ongoing (180 patients) and a Phase III trial that will begin soon.

Our expert Epilepsy team

Julius Clinical brings tremendous scientific and operational expertise to the table in Epilepsy clinical trials. Our internal expert team and relentless devotion to scientific standards are your advantage in the innovative design and efficient execution of rigorous Epilepsy studies.

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Epilepsy scientific insights

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