Over 430 million people worldwide currently suffer from a disabling hearing loss, and with an aging population this figure is set to rise to 700 million people by 2050. Recent scientific breakthroughs and increased investments have led to higher numbers of novel hearing therapeutics entering the clinical trial phase than ever seen before. This emerging clinical research field therefore requires sound and validated clinical development to ensure new treatments are tested effectively.

Under our registered brand name, ENT Clinical, we provide:

  1. Scientific excellence through our close working relationship with global Key Opinion Leaders in the hearing field, including Prof. Schilder
  2. Operational in-house expertise and a track record in running ENT, Hearing and Balance clinical trials of novel hearing therapeutics
  3. A global and committed scientific ENT network of academic leaders who guarantee access to expert sites and patient populations across the world

ENT Clinical is embedded within Julius Clinical. Because of this collaboration, the team of ENT Clinical is supported by decades of scientific leadership with a proven record of client focused contract research expertise from Julius Clinical.