RSV can be seen as the most common cause of lower respiratory tract infections among young children worldwide. RSV infections are highly contagious and spread through droplets upon coughing or sneezing. Approximately 33.8 million episodes of RSV associated acute lower respiratory infections occur in children worldwide every year. RSV infection causes a worldwide burden of morbidity and mortality and has been presented as the second main cause of death during infancy. In addition to being a severe acute disease, RSV infection has been linked to an increased risk of the development of asthma in later life.

Julius clinical provides three key success criteria for conducting RSV clinical trials;

  1. Scientific excellence through our close working relationship with Prof. L. Bont, the academic Key Opinion Leader in the RSV field
  2. Operational in-house expertise and a track record in running RSV clinical trials
  3. A global and committed scientific network of academic leaders who guarantee access to expert sites and patient populations across the world
Angel Huidobro

Angel Huidobro

Business Development Director IDV