At Julius Clinical, we specialize in advancing the field of Dementia treatment through rigorous clinical trials and groundbreaking research initiatives.

Our focus is on developing innovative therapies aimed at enhancing the lives of individuals affected by this neurodegenerative disorder. Join us as we lead the way in Dementia research, striving to deliver new possibilities and improved care for our patients.

Meet our Dementia Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. dr. Philip Scheltens is a renowned cognitive neurologist, known for his extensive contributions to dementia research. He founded the Alzheimer Center at Amsterdam University Medical Centers and has led numerous studies and clinical trials. Scheltens has authored over 1250 peer-reviewed papers, received prestigious awards such as the European Grand Prix for Alzheimer’s Research, and been knighted by the King of the Netherlands. He has chaired important initiatives like the Dutch National Plan against dementia and currently leads the World Dementia Council. In 2023, he was honored with the Bengt Winblad Lifetime Achievement Award.

Meet our Dementia Scientific Advisory Board

Professor John Harrison, Chief Scientific Officer at Scottish Brain Sciences, is a renowned cognition expert with 25 years of experience in aiding over 80 CNS drug development organizations. His contributions include developing the Neuropsychological Test Battery for Alzheimer’s studies and playing a pivotal role in Brintellix’s development and registration. As an Associate Professor at Amstedan UUM – Alzheimer Center and Visiting Professor at King’s College London, he holds Chartered Psychologist status and has authored over 100 books and scientific articles.

Brain Clinical is Julius Clinical’s proprietary network, which covers 13 countries, for CNS clinical trials. This network includes highly experienced and devoted researchers who specialize in streamlined and rigorously executed clinical trials for Dementia treatments.

We’re proud partner of

We work closely with the Brain Research Center in the Netherlands, which specialises in high-quality clinical trial execution and scientific publication.

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We also have a close partnership and short lines of communication with Amsterdam Neuroscience, with whom we integrate basic, translational, and clinical research into trials.

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Dementia Forum UK provides a vital platform for collaboration and innovation in addressing the challenges of dementia.

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The European DLB consortium (E-DLB) is a multicenter and global effort concieved by leaders from the contributing centers and leading scientists in different areas of DLB research

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Julius Clinical collaborates closely with world-class scientific experts, each possessing experience as Principal Investigators (PI), across our therapeutic focus areas to deliver industry-leading CNS services.

Dr Atticus H Hainsworth

Atticus is a neuroscientist and expert in stroke, dementia and vascular cognitive impairment at St Georges, University of London. Atticus leads the Vascular Health theme within DPUK’s Experimental Medicine Incubator.

Prof John Gallacher

Director of DPUK and Professor of Cognitive Health at Oxford University. Renowned for his expertise in brain health and the utilization of big data in medical research, John also holds a visiting professorship at Imperial College London and an honorary professorship at the University of Hong Kong.

Julius Clinical has a proven track record of operational excellence developing innovative solutions in Dementia clinical studies. An example of one of our Alzheimer’s studies is the completed SAPHIR.

SAPHIR phase IIa


24 patients | 7 countries | 120 sites

Multicentre Project to assess the Safety and Tolerability of Treatment in Subjects with early stage Alzheimer’s Disease.

Phase III European

240 patients | 5 countries | 30 sites

Study to assess safety and efficacy in patients with mild cognitive impairment to mild dementia due to Alzheimer’s Disease.

Phase II Netherlands


13 patients | 1 country | 1 site

An EEG study to evaluate synaptic activity in subjects with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s Disease.

Phase II


200 patients | 7 countries | 36 sites

Multi-center study to evaluate the efficacy and safety in patients with mild cognitive impairment due to Alzheimer’s Disease or mild Alzheimer’s Disease.

Expert team

Planning and executing complex Dementia clinical studies requires specific scientific and operational expertise. Julius Clinical brings these together in a cohesive team that understands Dementia standards of care and the nuances of effectively running clinical trials in this area.

Lieza exalto
Maria papakrasa

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